Support CHOC and provide much needed support to Children with Cancer.

The Cows are all about FUNdraising for CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA and supporting children with cancer! The energy of the herd is infectious and with the motto ‘Love Living Life’, The Cows guarantee plenty of FUN in this FUNdraising challenge!

Moo Are They?

The Cows were started in 2008 by a group of eight enthusiastic cyclists keen to make a difference by raising funds for the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation. The founder members joined Kerrin and Grant Bain in cycling the 947 Cycle Challenge in memory of their 20-month-old daughter, Jessica, who had recently died from cancer. As CHOC had played a significant role in the Bain family's life, the decision was to make CHOC the sole beneficiary of their quest. They decided to don cow suits (because that was the only animal suit they could hire 8 of!) and they succeeded in raising R230K. In 2009, the herd gained momentum and grew to an incredible 140 energetic cows. Just two years later, the Herd numbered a staggering 350 cows all riding for a purpose. Ten years later, thousands of people have participated in events wearing cow suits. The Cows have just broken through the R28 million mark of funds raised for specific projects implemented by CHOC, and The Cows brand is prominent in many sporting events in South Africa. With these funds, CHOC is able to make a difference to the children being treated for cancer throughout South Africa.

How can you get involved?

The words beg, borrow and steal come to mind... Just kidding! There are many legitimate and friendly ways to collect some dosh. The key is to be original and have fun. Here are a few ideas:

• Participate in the event as a Cow.

• Inform all your friends and family.

• Create a Team - inform your class mates, colleagues and friends.

• Get donations in a variety of ways.

Benefits: the reward of knowing you are making a difference, participating with a fun group, gain confidence, reduce stress, make friends, keep fit, improve your skills and experience, be part of a community, have fun – in the words of Ghandi… “ The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others ” 

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation SA has for more than 35 years stood together to keep hope alive for all children in South Africa as they know that children are our future. To do this, CHOC provides the following support:

Awareness programmes, and training and education
Striving towards all children with cancer in South Africa being diagnosed as early possible, and the early warning signs of childhood cancer being well known in all parts of the health system, including primary health care, traditional healers, clinics and hospitals, as well as the general public, especially those in rural areas.
Child and family support
Medical staff and facilities
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